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The twenty nine serves unique regional dishes from the 29 states of India with a pure vegetarian menu changing every 6 months. Bringing various authentic dishes from every nook and cranny of India, we help you explore Indian flavours like never before.


To build and maintain an online presence for brand awareness.


To provide a 360 degree solution we executed the following services:

1. Website

We designed a website which would educate people about the concept of the 29 which is to familiarize the Indian palette with the unknown regional flavours from across the country thereby we are trying to spread knowledge about the vast cuisine our country has to offer and then providing all these recipes to the people in order to make them available in every Indian household through the website.


2. Social Media

The Twenty Nine caters to the masses while giving the audience a taste of different regions in one place. To communicate the same, we built an online persona of the brand to be caring, patriotic and current. The content strategy included:

Community Service,
Current events,
Thoughtful Designs,
Enticing campaigns
And lastly, Patronage.

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3. Video Marketing

Videos, being the fastest and evergrowingly popular medium of communication, provided us with exponential reach on all social media platforms.

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