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M&M momo, a modernist brand that is set to disrupt the way people perceive momos, reached out to us before the inception with just a name. Since then, we have been the core internal creative team driving all of their marketing & branding activities.

1. Brand Identity

Coming up with a brand identity for a small shack in Mazgaon to be noticeable by youngsters and elders alike, was no joke. We knew it had to be bright and bold but we added a touch of our signature element in there - minimalism.

Formed around the theme of twos just like the name, we took a dual color scheme of complementing yellow and purple and added a base of off-white to soothe the eyes.

Here's the result of how branding and marketing work coherently together for M&M with dual-language communication and foodgasmic photography by our other half at whiteplatestories.

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