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We all know how tough the competition in the restaurant space is. In such an atmosphere just managing to break even becomes a tough job for a restaurant. Today we see, hundreds of new restaurants opening up in this city. However till date, the fact still remains, that opening up restaurant might be one of the worst investments one could make with their money. Around 60% of the restaurants fail within three years and if we extend the margin with two years more, we see that rate shooting up to 80%! Restaurant managers or marketers face challenges making their restaurants stand out from the crowd. No matter how delicious their food is, they might wear a frown when they see their balance sheets at the end of the year.

Then why would anyone choose to do such a profession you ask?

Risk and rewards my friend.. The higher the risk, higher is the return. But then why do so many restaurant owners get it wrong? Is there a fixed magical recipe to come out of such a soup? How can someone with less experience run a restaurant successfully?

Answer to all these questions is one - Marketing. Blazoning.

Many of us think that good food and management is all that it takes to make your restaurant class apart from that of our neighbour's. That having tasty food is a Unique Selling Point. That customers will get attracted only from the good presentation.

But that's just thinking like those eight restaurants, and not understanding what the other two restaurants did.. Don't get me wrong here. All these are ingredients for making a successful restaurant. Customers will come again to have your finger licking good food. But it's not the reason for it's success. What in the first place, will get them there to try your food? You know the answer by now. Blazoning, in simple terms means to advertise to the masses. Where they can see, read, understand and form a sense of belonging with your restaurant. Be it a simple form a Flier, Pamphlet or be it a Newspaper advertisement.. The moment you reach to the masses, you can see the increase in sales and a gradual rise in your balance sheets. How to do that right you ask? Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs.. We have some blazing onions cooked up for your restaurants! Bon Apetit!

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