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Digital Marketing for Health Snacking Brand - Get Baked


Get baked is a health-focused FMCG company curating their signature granola-based crunch rocks. While it is targeted to health-aware individuals, it aims to target even young individuals who are constantly finding a better alternative to unhealthy snacking but might be influenced by the quirky presence of the brand.


To build and maintain an online presence for brand awareness.


To provide a 360 degree solution we executed the following services:

1. Photography

2. Web Designing

Get baked website educates its viewers about brand and benefits of the products. It also informs when should one have these products and targets individuals who try to avoid unhealthy snacking.

To View Visit:

3. Social Media:

Get baked products are not only healthy but tasty also, which focuses on the brands USP we make content targeted to fitness freaks and individuals looking for both healthy and tasty food products.

We use stop-motion videos

Current Event themed posts
and witty wordplays promoting the brand's USPs

which helped them in attracting relevant audiences and establish market visibility.


With over a year and a half of association, we can proudly say, the identity of Get Baked is pushed and maintained on various online platforms garnering more and more audiences for them.

Want someone to handle your social media? Contact us now.

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