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How to successfully create a buzz before launching a restaurant - Drifters : Case Study

The Client

Drifters Brewing Co. brings the best hand crafted beer in the city and promises to serve unique range of beer specialties from Eastern European countries to Mumbai.

The Problem

We strive to serve creative digital solutions to solve the real world problems of our clients and creating a buzz before the launch was a tough one to solve.

The Solution

To set the ball rolling and create the required inquisitiveness about Drifters, we launched a free premium membership contest across all the major social media platforms.


The membership worth Rs. 3000 after the launch was offered free of cost by just following a few easy steps. 1. Follow the profile. 2. Tag 3 or more friends. 3. Finally, send us an email id. The rewards included special invites to private events, free games, daily discounts and free beer of course!

The contest was advertised majorly on social media platforms with timely updates and announcements through Instagram/Facebook posts & stories. The participants received their membership confirmation and unique identification numbers through personal messages on Instagram, SMS & Email.

The Mediums

1. Instagram post

2. Facebook post

3. Instagram stories

4. Constant interactions on Instagram DM

5. Welcome aboard e-mail campaign

6. Membership #no. delivery via SMS, Instagram DM, E-mail

7. Membership card designing & Printing

8. Database management

The Result

It was an instant hit among beer lovers and food enthusiasts alike with over 50 thousand impressions and over 2 thousand engagements. Within a span of two weeks, 540 lucky winners were registered as premium members at Drifters even before the launch.

The Conclusion

Every project is different and just as how their target groups are. What you have to keep in mind is, find what resonates with your target groups and what they find a real value in. Offer that in exchange for their invaluable attention and information and it's a win win! Need a hand at strategizing what your restaurant can cook up to create a buzz before the opening? We are always eager to talk, Shoot us an Email now!

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