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​Hello there, fellow restaurateurs!

We discussed how important it is to lay down a plan … But where to start from if we want to lay down a successful plan? This is what we think is the apt thing to kick-start with!

One of the most important steps before starting with any marketing activities is to identify your target market. The target market in the case of restaurants are not only the regular customers, but also the customers who have never been to the restaurant. Now why is it important to identify the target market? It is important to know and understand these customers because these are the ones that help to increase your business. Understanding and satisfying your customers, encourages them to repeatedly visit the restaurant and also to recommend the restaurant to their friends and families.

How do you identify and know your customers?

Classify your customers -

  • Age

  • Purchasing power

  • Eating habits

  • Place of work

  • Time of lunch

  • Delivery Preferences etc.

​​ ​​All of this information helps in planning your promotional activities and placing them in the right medium to reach the maximum number of potential customers. For example, if your target market is the youth, then appropriate online marketing will reach the maximum number of youngsters in the country. It is important to reach your target audience and proper marketing helps.

Know what your main target customers segment likes -

Identify why your customers are visiting your restaurant. This can be done by various feedback methods. Knowing what your customers think about your ambience, music, prices, customer service, and special events can greatly help you to enhance the quality of service provided to them. Different changes can implemented to satisfy your customers in an increasingly better way.

"Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet." – Kevin Stirtz

So let's get that survey rolling and gain insights to transform your restaurant into just what your customers want. If you need a helping hand you can always Contact us. Bon Appetit!

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