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Firstly, let's understand branding. Is it giving a name to your restaurant? or complementing it with your logo, or is it just a story to tell?

The best of us can miss the essence of branding sometimes. It's an identity you will carry and will define you for the rest of your restaurant's lifetime! Your customers are loyal to the brand you create, potential customers are attracted if your brand image is that appealing, and most of all, your goodwill is created based on your brand!

So how do you go about with branding exactly?

It's pretty simple. You start by asking yourself a simple question, 'What do I want to communicate with the customers I'm aiming at' & then portray what you truly stand for. For instance if you are opening a cafe for people to relax and chat over coffee, you must not have rap songs playing and your staff must let customers enjoy for fair time even after their coffee is consumed.

Having said that, now let's talk about what are the main aspects to begin the branding process...

Name of the restaurant

This is the first and most important aspect, which if gotten wrong, can stay stuck being your image for a very long time in your customer's heads. It should be thought of, carefully and smartly. Let's take the example we talked about before, the cafe. The name can be as simple as 'leisure coffee house' or as catchy as 'Elixir" depending on the target audience and message you wish to convey.

Catchy slogan

It's not absolutely necessary but it leaves a lasting impression on customers. When they will talk or think about the name, a tag line backing it up is bound to put a clearer picture of your restaurant in their minds. For the previously mentioned names, apt slogans would be something like, 'leisure coffeehouse - come. sip. relax.' and ' Elixir - sip the bliss'.

A Logo

It's an essential to brand building today. Every image you portray out there will be conveyed through this one symbol. Any close resemblance to this symbol would instantly click your name in the customer's mind. That's why it's essential to portray the perfect message in your logo. It can be simple, it can be complex, or it can simply be the name in a font and a specific colour that describes you the best. But do not make a mistake of neglecting the thoughts after making a logo as it has a huge impact on your branding.

But this is just the beginning...

Here's the thing, many restaurateurs do brand their restaurants well but only at the early stages. Branding is an ongoing process. It has to reflect everywhere; from the way your staff dresses, to your website and the kind of images your team posts on instagram, you need to see to it that your branding continues to reach the masses.

Here are the two things of utmost importance to keep in check for your restaurant-

The Ambience

This keeps in check the complete experience the customer goes through from the moment he arrives in the restaurant, till the time he exits.

1. Lighting: Even if this is never what customer directly observes, it plays a huge deal in how he perceives the restaurant to be. Bright lighting at a cafe can do a lot of harm to the customers experience and so can a very dull lighting at a fine dining place.

2. Music: Music is something that adds to the customer's' experience that extra touch that can lighten their moods and brighten their days. However what you don't want is it making the customers uneasy or irritated. It's very important to keep in check what volume and what type of music suits your target set of customers the best.

3. Theme: A constant theme to carry around your whole restuarant creates a strong impact on the brand image. Personalised napkins, theme based decor, and staff attire are just a few things to begin with.

The Staff

Proper training for presentation to handling of situations are a must today. Improper behaviour of a staff member once and you lose the customer and ten others whom he/she tells the story to. So, it's very important to make sure it creates the exact image you want your customers have for your restaurant. From the dressing sense to greetings, your staff members are the ones that are going to add the human touch to your branding.

So here it is, a summary on how to brand your restaurant. So do you become an excellent brand just following these steps? obviously not. There's a lot that goes behind understanding the target customers and branding your restaurant conveying what you want... Executing all these points efficiently would ensure a head start towards a long time establishment of your brand but you need to ensure it remains intact through reflecting it everywhere your restaurant is portrayed.

"Insert quote here." -Bijal Shah on branding with Blazonion

Be it branding your upcoming restaurant or re-branding your current one, put our creativity to test amd you might be astonished! Contact us.

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