Social Media Management for Health Snacking Company


EAT Anytime aims to make snacking experience healthy and nutritious indulgence. We came up with healthier products without compromising on taste. EAT Anytime products are here to help you live healthy and at the same time make it a delicious affair.


To build and maintain an online presence for brand awareness.


To provide a 360 degree solution we executed the following services:

1. Photoshoot

2. Social Media

EAT Anytime products are a range of delicious & healthy energy bars, protein cookies & trail mix that you can EAT Any Time. Targeting gym freaks and health conscious individuals has helped us to bring out the brand's USP. Our social media posts not only consists of graphical but stop-motion videos and posts related to current events.



We din't just focus on the creative and design aspect, but also tried to reach out to a wide array of audiences. Here's a snippet of viral reach we've achieved.

Lets us help you to step up your social media game. Contact us now.

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