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Print and Digital Design - Drifters Brewery


The concept of "Drifters" revolves around the one who travels far and wide in search of what he loves. Drifters beer mainly targets a wide range of beer lovers from corporates, board games lovers to nightlife lookouts.


To build an online presence for brand awareness.

Design Communication: We wanted to communicate the unique propositions of the brand to the right consumers. Every design communicates the promise of serving originally hand crafted beer by the master brewer from Czech Republic. It also talks about the journey of finding the best beer in the world and bringing it to all the beer lovers in Mumbai.


To provide a 360 degree solution we executed the following services:

1) Print Design:

We created well illustrated beer in the prints, making sure somewhere or the other, there's a catchy element that one cannot miss.

2) Social Media Design

Garnering an initial growth of 1k followers through this launch campaign we have managed to accrue a loyal followers base that actively engages with brand.

3) Website Design

We created a live scrolling website for the beer lovers and to give an insight of Drifters signature beer.

The Conclusion: From the smallest membership token to the website seen online, we maintained the strong identity throughout for Drifters Brewing Co.

Want to know more about how we got 500+ members registered in their loyalty program before launch? Click here.

Wish to craft the story of your brand too? Let us help you create it. Shoot us an email now!

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